Wildfire Information

Redwood Complex Fire impacting the areas of Potter Valley, Redwood Valley and Willits in Mendocino County

Please keep your radios on and scan W6ABR (147.825 -103.5) and Countywide (147.270 +114.8) frequencies

10/18/17 Firefighters at Safari West taking a break.
10/16/17 2000 Drivers check caltrans before heading south. Report of a fire in Jenner.
Vegetation 22359 King Ridge rd
Wildand Fire Highway 1 Mile marker 23, south of Muniz Ranch rd
Vegetation Fire Highway 1 & Kruse Ranch rd Mile marker 46

Welcome Evacuees!  You can contact Action Network during business hours. The resource center is in the conference room at Cypress Village (above the Physical Gym). 39144 Ocean Dr, Gualala, CA 95445 (707) 884-5413.
Action Network special hours: Open Saturday, 10/14, 10 am - 6 pm and Sunday, 10/15.
If you need help, Click here and Click here for more information.

Action Network in Gualala is in need of volunteers to work 2 hour shifts at the Evacuation Center. You can stop by or call 884-5413 and they will sign you up for an available shift.

Redwood Credit Union's fund for fire victims allows you to select which county, split it between specific counties or allow them to allocate it based on need.

Mendocino County Sheriff's facebook page. Live videos are being aired periodically.

Sonoma County Sheriff's facebook page. Live videos are being aired periodically.

https://local.nixle.com/zipcode/95445/ Receive alerts from your local agencies.

Air Quality and smoke forecast.

Current air Quality PM and O3.

Wind Speeds and Wind directions.

Google fire maps.

10/14/17 Verizon Wireless will relieve domestic talk, text and data charges to customers in qualified Northern California zip codes. Click linkfor a list of zip codes.
10/13/17 All lines to the Sheriff's Office 9-1-1 Center have been restored.
10/12/17 10:23 147.270 +114.8 has been returned to normal use.
10/12/17 More photos and a video from Tom, N6MVT Click here for photos Click here for video. Many thanks to Tom!
10/11/17 19:00 147.270 has been returned to normal use. It will be reactivated tomorrow, 10/12, from 0700 - 1900.

10/11/17 List of Buildings Destryoyed ABC News

10/11/17 13:07 County wide has been reactivated as an emergency frequency only again. 147.270 +114.8

10/11/17 Cell tower devastation and more. Photos from Tom, N6MVT via the CARLA system repeaters.  Thank you Tom, for having CARLA available during emergencies!

10/11/17 10:58 Currently the City of Fort Bragg CA and Fort Bragg PD Land Line Phones are spotty. Dispatch 964-0200 also appears still to be down. We get an all circuits are busy when we try to dial out as well. You can try to contact the PD Directly at 961-2800 or go to the station located at 250 E. Cypress St. One Block behind the Taco Bell. 911 is working for EMERGENCIES only!

10/11/17 08:37 Hams have been asked to stand down and be on standby. Cell service is operational again. Thank you for volunteering!

10/10/17 12:22 K6DWR is near Tubbs Fire in Sonoma County and is marked safe.

10/10/17 "It appears Verizon is not aware of VERIZON Cell problems in the area: They need more calls to declare this an Area Wide problem. I spoke to a Tech Person who tells me that each person who calls in is issued a separate problem ticket and as of now our AREA has NOT been recognized as having a problem. She was able to see a few tickets from people who have called in. She recommended that anyone having a problem with NO CELL PHONE service call customer service(800-922-0204) to report the issue."

10/10/17 0800 The 76 station is getting gas now.

Scroll down the the sheriff's video. Thomas D. Allman will be facilitating a press conference on 10-10-2017 at 8:00 AM in front of the Mendocino County Administrative Building (501 Low Gap Road in Ukiah, California).

10/10/17 08:25 CBS coverage . Wine County Wildfires Continue Advance

If you don't know the status of your home and it is in the fire zone, you can call 707.467.6428, give them your address and phone number. They will call you back with the status.

South Coast Volunteer Fire Department
PG&E Wildfire Info
Fire Map arcgis.com
Fire Map nwcg.gov
CHP Road Closures

Internet and Phone Services Have Been Made Available:
SkyFiber Internet (click to see the map) has opened all their hotsports for use in Gualala during this emergency:
Jrs home and auto center (bakertown)
Seawatch building (near RCMS)
Beach rental building (surf market)
Upper crust pizza (the pullout south of breakers inn)
Anchor Bay village

Verizon Wireless network extenders:
Surf Supermarket
Gualala Supermarket
Pacific Woods Glass, Ocean Ridge Airport
Heart of a Child

Point Arena:
Downtown Point Arena near the Liquor store
Arena Market & Cafe

COMCAST has removed all restrictions and opened our wifi for all to communicate. Login as Guest - will be reassessed on Friday

Further Reach offers free WiFi along the coast
Gualala Point state campground
Gualala visitors center
Breakers-Inn, Gualala and serenading parking lot area
Baker-Town, Gualala area and parking lots

Point-Arena downtown area
Point-Arena cove
Point-Arena High-school Gym and parking lot

Manchester-beach state park
Manchester / Garcia grange
Manchester Elementary School parking lot

Elk Visitors center/museum
Elk community center
Elk greenwood school