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Please contact Jim, KG6PTX (at), if you'd like to be net control.

MON ABARC DIGI Net Roll Call List Excel MS Excel file

TUE ABARC Net Control List pdf pdf file
TUE ABARC Net Roll Call List Excel MS Excel file
TUE ABARC Net Script pdf pdf file

Practice for Net Control This is a fun way to get in some practice. It's an audio file of a SSB pile up. If you practice with this, you can be net control anywhere. It's all about listening and writing down what you hear. Try it!

The reality is, there is no wrong way to do net control. There are hundreds of different ways. Make it your own. You don't have to follow the script unless you want to.

Highlights to hit:
- sign up or just jump in when no one is scheduled
- identify yourself (name and call sign) and the net
- get a list of the folks listening
- give your call sign
- ask for the county reports
- ask for any other announcements people have
- give your call sign
- close the net
- count your list or ask someone else for a count
That's unless it's a lunch week. Start with a non-lunch week first to keep it simple.

Tips for Beginning Net Control Operators Adobe Acrobat file
Advanced net control tips see the Elmer page
ITU Phonetic Alphabet Adobe Acrobat file