Programming Your Radio with CHIRP

If you need help with CHIRP programming, email K6CDC. Damien's our expert.

An easy way to program your radio is by using CHIRP.  Check out the radios CHIRP is capable of programming and download the program (FREE) from their website. You do need a cable for your radio, but it's SO worth it for all the time you save!  CHIRP Beginner's Guide and CHIRP CSV How To.

2016 ARRL CHIRP Webinar

Repeater offset chart

Programming for:

Yaesu FT-60R KD8RTT (Video)

Yaesu FT-8800R pdf file N0IAI

General Info:

Creating a CSV Fie in CHIRP KD5DKQ (Video)

CHIRP - Adding CSV and TPE files to your base memory list KD5DKQ (Video)

Programming Multiple Brands of HTs with CHIRP --
Clone a Baofeng (Pofung) to Wouxun or other - AF5DN

How to fix the comm error in the programming software,
on a Baofeng, Wouxun or other Chinese - AF5DN

Installing CHIRP on a MAC:
How to Install CHIRP on a MAC (Video)
How to Install prolific driver on a MAC (Video)
CHIRP Support on a MAC on a MAC