In The News

03/16/17 ICO article on the raising of Point Areina High School Ham Radio Antenna. Click here for full story.

12/10/16 Received an interesting email about ThumbNet, a non-profit organization, and their work in Satellite Communications and Software Defined Radio. Click here for email with links.

12/1/16 Urge the U.S. Senate to Pass the Amateur Radio Parity Act

Please take action on this important item from ARRL - the National Association for Amateur Radio. The site will deliver your messages to your elected officials. Click here to fill in your letter.

Field Day article ICO July 1, 2016, page 8  pdf file 

Ham radio licenses received at Point Arena High School. ICO June 10, 2016, page 2  pdf file 

Four hams mentioned in the ICO, May 26, 2016 pdf file  Can you pick them out?