Anchor Bay Amateur Radio Club

Emergency communications & event support covering Ft. Ross to Point Arena


Awards recognize members who have made exceptional contributions to the club,
to amateur radio, or to the public welfare by means of amateur radio.

If you'd like to nominate someone for an award please click here to email our secretary. Let us know who you'd like to nominate and for which award.

Ken, KE6WC: ARRL Elmer Award presented JUL 24 2016
In recognition for providing unselfish and benevolent assistance to the novice radio operator

Art, K6AEJ: President presented JUL 24 2016
Served: 2012-2016

Suzanne, KI6DJJ: Treasurer presented JUL 24 2016
Served: 2011-2015

Clay, N6YCQ: Vice President presented JUL 24 2016
Served: 2010-2014

Michael, KI6PFJ: Secretary presented 24 AUG 2016
Served: 2010-2014