Digi Net

Digi made simple:
This is grossly oversimplified, but it's a place to start: the software makes noises, the transmitter transmits them, the remote receiver receives them, and the software at the other end turns them back into letters on the screen.

Different noises for RTTY, PSK-31, Olivia, Throb, Hellescriber, etc. but the technique does not change, and once you get a program working, you likely don't need to change anything but the VFO.

Click here for HF fldigi and Signalink

Click here for VHF/2 meter fldigi and Signalink

Click here for FL Digi Configuration

Our local 2 meter fldigi net is Monday night at 1730 local on 147.945 PL -88.5.  Anyone is welcome to join us.

You don't need any special equipment. If you have a computer and a ham radio, you can digi. You will need to download a few files and set up the programs. If you have trouble email the webmaster at the link below, or give us a call on the the ABARC repeater, and we'll make sure you get some help. We occasionally have digi meetings to iron out problems people are having.

You'll need both fldigi and flmsg to participate.

We've provided the .zip file in case you are not able to download the .exe file. You do not need all 4 files. Download either both .exe files or both .zip files and you'll be ready to participate.




flwrap and manual

fldigi Setup Guide for the PC:
There are two screens we set up that are different from the original setup. Finish doing the original set up and then change the following two screens (click on each one for a larger view)

You will also need the macro files:
First download the W. Rock ARES Macro File by RIGHT clicking here and click the "Save Link As" (file name is WRares.mdf) if you are using Firefox or as "Save Target As" if you are using Windows Internet Explorer. You can make personal changes to the macros after it's installed.

You may find these manuals and guides helpful in getting started:
fldigi Beginner's Guide
fldigi Sending and receiving messages
fldigi User's Manual
flmsg flmsg Manual

Making your own custom FLMSG forms

Larry Levesque has made some very good videos on how to build your own custom form.
1 - FLMSG Basics of Custom HTML Forms
2 - FLMSG Custom HTML Forms - Check boxes
3 - FLMSG Custom HTML Forms - Radio Buttons
4 - FLMSG Custom HTML Forms - Option List
5 - Custom HTML Forms - Text Area

Sending Excel files with fldigi pdf file
How to Load FLMSG Templates and Forms-1.pdf pdf file

Other Digi Nets

MCARCS Fldigi Net: 147.270 +114.8 (or the Laughlin Repeater, 145.130 PL +103.5.) TUE 2000 local

ORCA Emergency Net: TUE 1930 3.595 (USB) MFSK32 @ 1500. Alternate data freq: 7.122 USB