Elmer Sessions

Ken, KE6WC was presented with the ARRL Elmer Award on JUL 24 2016
In recognition for providing unselfish and benevolent assistance to the novice radio operator.

"Elmer" is a nickname or term used to describe someone that can answer lots of your Ham Radio related questions when you are starting out in Ham Radio. We have several in our club.

Training 2017 - 2018

Training Schedule

2017 12 16 Wireless Modes Part 1
2018 03 29 Wireless Modes Parts 1 & 2
2018 07 10 Decibels
2018 07 10 Transmission Lines and SWR

If you have a topic you think would make a good Elmer Session, email our Training Coordinators.

Previous Elmer Session Topics

Many of these need updating. Please send comments and updates to our Training Coordinators.


How to make a tape measure Yagi
A general orientation to power poles, components and uses
W2AEW on installing Anderson power poles
Ed Fong talk on UHF/VHF Dual Band J-Pole
Ed Fong talk on An Easy to Construct Omni Directional Gain Antenna for UHF
Ed Fong talk on Tri-Band Antenna for 2 meters, 220 MHz, and 70cm Antenna without Radials
Ed Fong talk on Tri-Band Antenna: more details
Ed Fong's website with much more on antennas.
Rob Hill at Pacificon 2014: Theory of Internal Antennas for Mobile Devices
Rob Hill Pacificon 2015: 30 Minute Antennas

RF Problems: Pin 1

Pin 1 Revisited: Some modern examples of an ongoing grounding issuepdf file
Pin 1 Revisited Part 2pdf file


ABCs of Emergency Communication pdf file
Advanced Tips for Net Controls pdf file
Buying A First Radio pdf file
Coaxial Connectors pdf file
Coast Repeater System pdf file
Discover the Magic of HF Radio pdf file
Emergency Communications Organizations pdf file
Exercise Planning pdf file
External Power for HTs pdf file
HF Radio Controls pdf file
ITU Phonetic Alphabet pdf file
Mobile VHF Made Simple pdf file
On Air Diagnosis pdf file
Traffic Essentials pdf file
Troubleshooting Case Study pdf file