HF Fldigi, SignaLink and WINLINK

It's all set up, it was working and now it isn't. What went wrong?
See AE6XO's notes!
RMS Express WINMOR Troubleshooting Cliff Notes: AE6XO

Things you will need to get set up:
  • SignaLink Kit (This will include the jumper module, cable and box.) It can be purchased here.

  • 1. Look in your radio manual to find out what kind of accessory port or microphone connector you have: for example, 8-pin DIN for the Icom 756-Pro III.
    2. Then go to the Tigertronics website and scroll down to "Part numbers and options". Select the "SignaLink USB Part Numbers" entry that matches the accessory part you found in step 1.

  • We recommend this Signalink Setup Demo Video fldigi setup for setting everything up.
  • SignaLink manual
  • You'll also need fldigi and flmsg which can be found at the ABARC digi net page.
  • Setting Up SignaLink USB Sound Levels .

  • West Mountain Radio Newsletter - Quarter-2-2016

    HF DIGI Nets:
    ORCA Emergency Net: TUE 1930 3.595 (USB) MFSK32 @ 1500. Alternate data freq: 7.122 USB
    HF Digi Nets List spreadsheet


    Winlink email service using RMS E

    K4REF How-to Video Series -- Winlink & RMS Express The beginning has a good overview then at 7:16 the SignaLink section begins.

    How to set up Signalink on your ICOM