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Accurate Computer Time

A different way to check the correct time:

The clocks on many system boards are very poor time keepers. JT65, JT9, WSPR and several more modes depend on the computer clock being exact, so why take a chance on the time, just use a *RELIABLE* ntp client. Data centers usually have much more expensive hardware that the average home cpu. Microsoft has had a very poor reputation with its time keeping for several decades now, for the average home cpu and software.

Please remember that your experience with windows may not be the same as other all others here, that is why I offer an alternitive for ntp that is KNOWN to work much better.

I have enough other problems in life than to worry about why MS cannot keep my clock on time, so I fixed it, with a real ntp client. Please don't assume that everyone has expensive modern hardware.

thank you,
Gordon - N1MGO

One thing to note here: if your computer's real time clock is losing more than a second per week then something is seriously wrong with it!

As an aside, I would also strongly recommend not using the default time sources that are recommended by Windows - the most reliable ones out there are and - the NTP pool provided there will remove a server that drifts by even a microsecond. Microsoft even advises not using their time servers for time-critical applications.

At a previous job I worked in a data centre. Our server OSs used the basic Windows NTP client, syncing with our own time server (which had multiple sync sources itself), and despite only syncing once a week, none of the database servers or webservers ever drifted even a second per week.

If your system is drifting that much, something is wrong and needs fixing. Start with looking at replacing your CMOS battery.

John (XLX)

The windows time sync is not good enough to use for the jt or wspr timing, it only updates once a week. Your clock must be within a couple os seconds to be decoded and do decoding. I recoment using the Meinberg ntp client, see: Use the one for Windows XP and newer.

Gordon - N1MGO